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Since I lived in Mallorca for two months last summer, and spent a week kayaking around Ibiza, the beauty of Greece didn’t hit me as hard while I was there. It’s a remarkably beautiful country, and I definitely had plenty of speechless, gaping-at-nature moments, but now looking at the pictures, I see just how incredible it really was/is. What a blessed and beautiful life. I am eternally grateful for it all. Thank you so much, Lord ♡ (at Santorini, Greece)
If when you travel, you often think fondly of where you’ve come from, you know you’re in a good place. Always happy to be back here ♡ (at Catedral de Sevilla)
{{ ♡ }} open arms {{ open heart }} open mind {{ open-ended life }} {{ ♡ }} (at Santorini, Greece)
And just like that, we’re heading back! Definitely was a solid trip in Greece, and I’m so happy about it! Check my blog for a bunch of upcoming posts about Piraeus, Santorini, Athens, and other things from along the way! {{ link in bio }} ♡ Travel essentials: backpack, SpiritHood, comfy clothes, healthy snacks, full bottle of water, and a lot of peace and love! #spreadthesmiles @spirithoods #timothyleary #travelOHMwards (at Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών - Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος)
Last hours in Greece before I return to Spain! Definitely a chilled out place to visit, and I look forward to the day I return and spend a summer island hopping! ♡  (at Santorini)
A lil warrior pose at Zeus’ Temple! Channelling my inner goddess, and pumping out my strength to the universe and all the unicorns out there! ♡ (at Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός (Temple Of Olympian Zeus))
Brettos, the oldest distillery in Athens! Over 35 different flavors of liqueur, and over 300 drink choices! Currently drinking a Spartan — Ouzo, Coffee Liqueur, & Tequila! #placestosee  (at Brettos)
Idk what everyone saw or felt when they came to Athens and went on to tell people not to spend too much time here. I am loving this city! Good vibes all the way! #getwhatyougive  (at Παρθενώνας (Parthenon))
Hello, Athens, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you ♡  (at Athens, Greece)
I’ve come to realize that Greece is synonymous with simple living. Quite fond of the good food, nice people, and simplicity here. And the fact they have over 2,000 islands… ;-) #simplelivingsaveslives  (at Fira, Santorini)
My heart is open to the universe. It’s open and accepting to all there is, and all there can be. I am love. I am light. I am a channel for all that is good and lovely. I believe, receive, and pass it all to my brothers and sisters, every living being. ·♡·♥·♡· ··· Opening my heart to the heavens and all the possibilities on an active volcano! O_o All the black on the left are volcanic stones from the eruptions, and the whole island, as well as the entire organization of Santorini in general, exists because of the volcano! #volcanoga #openhearts #openminds (at Nea Kameni)
Amazing day in Santorini! We rented a quad (25€ for the day, do this if/when you come!!!), and drove all up and down the island! Went to the Red Beach and had a dip, visited the lighthouse, had some unplanned detours, hit Fira, watched the sunset in Oia, saw the full moon rising above another island and the sea, got “lost” some more, ate some delicious fried squid in Prygos, and got the quad back just the minute before closing time! Annnd got an answer to where and what I want to go/do next year, finally!!! Yay! Phew! So tired, calm, happy & peaceful! Blessings, Love & Light to all! ♡  (at Οία (Oia))
Safe in Santorini! Took the ferry for 7.5 hours from Piraeus this morning, and haven’t done/seen much so far, but it sure did feel good to put my feet in the black sand! Quad rides, day cruises, sunshine, and lots of good food still to come! ♡ #traveloften #alwaysexplore  (at Περίσσα (Perissa Beach))
Mediterranean, I have missed you! Definitely diggin on the Greek life! Living & loving in the moment, but stoked to see what comes, too! ♡ Blessings, Love & Light to all! :-* (at Piraeus, Greece)
》》Next stop: Frankfurt, GERMANY 》》Final destination: Athens, GREECE! 《《《《 SO stoked to finally check out Greece! I’ve got nine days ahead of me, and absolutely no plan! :D Follow along on the blog to find out where my ADD Adventures take me this time! {{ link in bio }} And pray for my safety, as well as some revelations, please & thanks! Love to everyone! ·÷·♡·÷· (at Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas (MAD))