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Porto is so beautiful! If you come to Portugal, don’t miss a chance to come here, roam around, and enjoy the atmosphere! ♡ (at Porto - Portugal)
Nazaré is rockin!! Home of the biggest recorded wave surfed! So much coast, so much sand, so much forest, so much beauty! Lalalove it! Here’s a shot from the main beach (the town is there on the left), but my couchsurfing host took me up the coast and showed me so many beaches! Portugal is so lucky to have so much coast, and have it be useable beaches! It’s so calm here when you go past the main beach/town center (this applies only to August, the main holiday month).  :) ·♡· :) (at Praia da Nazaré (Nazaré Beach))
wO_ow.. I trekked around Sintra soo much today! I think I was walking/wandering/hiking for about eight hours! Saw a good amount, and definitely deepened the immediate love I felt for this place. So lovely here; don’t miss it if you come to Portugal! Tomorrow I’m off to Peniche to rest my feet in the sand! ^_^ wee! Love & Light ♡ (at Sintra, Portugal)
Suuuuch a happy human! Portugal continues to be full of good people, good food, and biiiiig smiles! After leaving Seixal yesterday, we went to a windy, windy, but beautiful beach; Guincho; cruised through Cascais, and then came to Sintra, where I’ll stay another couple days. It’s amazing so far — so beautiful and with all the landscapes you could want! Can’t wait to keep exploring and see more of this incredible country! Hope you’re all having a magical day/night, and making all your dreams come true! Blesssss ♡ (at Cabo da Roca)
Hitched my first ride! I was a bit nervous to try it at first, but it ended up being a really amazing experience! It took a fraction of the time I’d imagined it would to find one, and I ended up getting a lift from Boom to a city across the bridge from Lisbon, with someone who I feel I’ve known forever! The 3 hour drive felt like half that, and the conversation flowed with ease and laughter. He even offered me his studio in the back of his parents’ house to sleep, and fed me a delicious traditional Portuguese dish for lunch! Craazy blessings flowing and flying all around! Unreal! Must be all the love that was given and received during the festival! Giving it all up to God! I LOVE Y♡U! And you, and you, and Y♡U! :-* :-* :-*
I have been holding onto love for this moment for a year and a half, and now I am blasting it out SO hard! The road to Boom is finally Being travelled, and I couldn’t be more excited! Can’t wait to meet new people, learn new things, and express and embrace myself to the highest possible level! Loooveee, light, and infinite blessings for all! Love you later society, it’s time to »> check «< out »> ♡♥♡♥♡ «<
Hammocks, headlamps, sparklers, poi balls, fuzzy cuffs, slap bracelets, peace signs, cutoff gloves, goofy shades, utility belts, snack bars, body wipes, and backpacks! This can only mean one thing… #FESTPREP!!! SO stoked to head to Portugal tomorrowww! BOOM starts on Monday, and I am amped for all the learning, loving, growing & flowing that’s to come! Major blessings being sent up and out! Adventure on! ·♡· #bringonthebeats #elevatethementals #packingparty
What an incredible day for this earth, and a beeeautiful day to celebrate one of the most amazing things I could ever think of — the birth and manifestation of @kileymac!!!! Happy, happy birthday to you, my love! You are such an incredible person! Your energy draws the best of the earth to you, and we always long for more. Your light shines so brightly, and your purpose so full of Love! The inspiration you bring me is endless, and your impact on my life infinite. I love you so much, and am so glad we were brought together through the beautiful culture of music, dance, and love all those years ago! Wishing you all the loveliest on your day, Sistar Hummingbird, bless it big!!! ·♥·♡·♥·  (at Planet Earth & Assorted Galaxies)
Two things I desperately missed about Spain/Europe while I was home: 1. The ability to pass by almost anywhere and have a “short coffee” (espresso), and 2. Having said cafe outside, sitting on the sidewalk, immersed in all the life going on around me. It feels good to be back to a slower pace of life, even if Madrid’s pace is still quite quick. ♡ #blessingsloveandlight  (at Rivas Vaciamadrid)
This little nugget could have grown up in limitless different situations, families, and ways. With the unlimited life options before us, anything could turn out differently based on one ‘simple’ step. And I feel so overly blessed to be here and who I am today, and have grown up as I did! It’s crazy to think that this was me 25 years ago, and reflect on the path this little baby traveled to get where we are now! Big ups to Father God & Mama U for carving my path as they did, and big ups to myself for getting to a point in life where I can say I love and accept myself! That’s what it’s all about! Oh, and… L ♡ V E E E E E, always love! ^_^ #cherishthyself
Man is this ever true! Just posted about my experience with eating disorders, and the issue of self-image. It’s something we have to address, and we have to change. It’s time we stop undervalue-ing ourselves. It’s time we realize what really counts. And trust me, it’s not calories! ♡ #youareweareallonebeautifulone
Can’t believe I’ve already been back in the EU for two days! The time at home flew by soo fast and was so blessed, it was hard to say goodbye. But I am pretty excited for another month and pico to travel around! BOOM Festival in Portugal is less than a week away, will I see any of you there!? And then after that, it’s off to… ??? :D Bring on the backpack, new friends, and especially, the adventures! Insane amounts of heavy, awesome Blessings, Love & Light to all you inspiring souls, and big thanks to my family for the going away dinner and red velvet adios cake!! ·♡· #wanderon
·♥· Welc♡me t♡ my w♡rld ·♥· // So excited for my new little darling, and for my brain to grow, grow, grow as it takes in new things! Life is so cool, and such a fun time to learn and expand! Smile on, love always, and squuuueeeeeze people tight! ^_^
Little Cowgirl says, “Howdy y’all! Hope you catch yourself havin’ a bright and happy hump day!” Smile on! ;-D
We are all one. We are all the same. We are all love. We all have flaws. We all have needs. We all need love. ♡