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Little Cowgirl says, “Howdy y’all! Hope you catch yourself havin’ a bright and happy hump day!” Smile on! ;-D
We are all one. We are all the same. We are all love. We all have flaws. We all have needs. We all need love. ♡
Pretty sad over here.. I don’t think I’ll be recovering the pix of my dog and I from this floppy disk any year soon. I remember storing them on there so I’d always have some memories of our time together. Lol. #technologicalchanges #throwback #oldschooloriginals
USA, I love you, and it’s been fun, but it’s time for this free bird to keep on flyin’! Countdown is on till the backpack is packed, tent strapped, and I’m on the road again! ♡ #Sundayairportchurchinit #professionalwanderer
Aww yeahhh! Busting into the old rave kit! Exploring the old daze, takin’ a walk down the old wild side.. what memories, what aaa triiip! 《《 Glitter, girl, miss @allistan, makin’ me miss you even more! #shimmerandglitter #ravegirls #2008aka2000thegreat
Want moar of dis ♡ @jeremyslife4200 @ricearona #meow #roadiesforlyf
I hope you have a Super Happy Hump Day! :) 

#repost from the awesome @buddyboowaggytails
Can’t believe one month at home has already passed! I’ve spent time in four states, been to two festivals, watched my amazing uncles get married, spent time with family, friends, and made a bunch of new ones, caught an insanely painful flu, and felt so blessed the whole time! Phew, less than two weeks left to live & love Stateside, then it’s back to European lovin’! #growandflow
My 84-year old grandpa ringing the gong at Burning Man last year.. so epic!!! He loved it! And today, at their church I met a couple of 80-year old women who go, and one said, “There, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny, pretty or ugly, this or that, there, everyone is loved.” ♡ #thatswhatsup
The real, raw you, is the best you ♡ #yourock
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ♡
Only picture I took the whole fest! Kept my phone off and away the entire time, and thank you God, “coincidentally” I had it with me when this moment came up! Such a highlight — energy meshing with the brightest of ‘em! Woo! ♡ #funktasticforever @thepolishambassador  (at High Sierra Music Festival)
Bring on the beats, bare feet, blessings & growth! Checking out till Monday… we’re Quincy bound! ···  Happy birthday to those whose I’ll miss, and everyone have a SAFE and snappy 4th! Love one another, smile & shine, and I’ll catch y’all later! ♡ #hsmf #happyfourth  (at High Sierra Music Festival)
And there we have it! Sorry if you now start questioning everything, but, well, we should be… #wearenottestsubjects  (at Facebook)
· We are precious, we are special ·
· Our lives are a gift, our lives are meaningful · 
· My body is a temple, my body is SACR3D · 
· I choose to be clean b/c it serves me, I choose to be clean b/c it takes me to new heights · 
#soulsisters #suchgreatheights 
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